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Mr. Chan runs a Hong Kong company selling southeast-Asian food products for more than 10 years, but recently without technical support on information technology, and faces fierce competition from Europe and United States. Though Mr. Chan has put much effort in promoting his products and calling clients frequently, his business does not have positive return. And finally he turned to our company for help, and would like to make improvement on its information technology system of his company.

With PowerTech's related experience and professional knowledge, PowerTech offers an analysis on Mr. Chan company's information technology system and suggests him to install new computer software, and to design a company website, an online order system, and some new computer programmes on stock calculation for him, to enable him to make more product promotion, find new clients, and increase competitiveness.

With a new website and more online promotion, Mr. Chan has new clients from European countries and United States now. His company's revenue increases more than 30%. Moreover, Powertech's one stop service also saves him time and resources.

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