Staying in close touch with your clients in a competitive marketplace is vital to your business. Although IDD 1591 services are easily available today, their service quality and price range are hard to be assessed. Most customers look for a service provider offering supreme quality service with the best rates. PowerTech is one that provides you with such cost-effective IDD services.

As one of the fast-growing companies in Hong Kong, PowerTech provides customized and integrated telecom solutions for corporations of all sizes. Equipped with world-class telecom technology and a continued commitment of investing in new product development and service quality enhancement, PowerTech is highly capable of offering a surpassing standard of voice transmission. With PowerTech IDD calling service, you can stay in close ties with others at ease.

PowerTech 1591 offers great flexibility in IDD services with direct calls service and calling cards, delivering instant international connectivity any time anywhere for you. At the forefront of telecom technology, PowerTech 1591 will meet your stringent requirements for IDD service including supreme voice quality and uninterrupted linkage.

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