Information is the key to success in an ever-changing market environment. A good use of information technology is like carrying a sure-to-win weapon. However, the implementation of a sizeable information technology project often entails great complexity with huge cost implication that most enterprises find it hard to undertake in-house.

With specialist knowledge and technological resources, PowerTech is able to provide comprehensive support for integrated IT solutions including enterprise systems, applications and related technologies for e-offices. We provide a wide range of tailor-made support according to the specific IT needs of our customers, from hardware and software application, cabling, online services, internet to intranet platforms, assisting our customers to increase productivity and stay competitive through the efficient use of information technology.

PowerTech Data Communication

  • System integration and implementation
  • We assist our customers in building and developing the infrastructure on which a company-wide drive on information technology can be mobilized

  • Project consultancy and management
  • We help our customers in assessing and optimizing their information technology systems, allowing customers to enjoy the best return for their investments on technology.

  • System support and maintenance
  • We provide preventive maintenance measures and system monitoring to ensure systems are constantly optimized to avoid business loss associated with system malfunction.

  • e-Business solution
  • We assist our customers to make timely changes to transform their business in order to succeed in the new e-economy.

  • Website design
  • We adopt advanced multi-media technologies, authoring and design tools to help customers build company websites that cater for their business needs.

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